Moving a candidate to the pipeline allows you to save them for a future job opening (More info: What does moving an applicant to the Pipeline do?) This will move an applicant to the pipeline page (a sub-page within the Applicants page).

To view applicants who are in the pipeline, click the Pipeline filter option at the top of your Applicants page.

pipeline filter

Moving an applicant out of the pipeline

Now that you're viewing an applicant in the pipeline, you may want to transfer them to an active job to consider them for that job.

To move an applicant out of the pipeline, click More > Remove from Pipeline. This will transfer the candidate to your active applicants view.

More pipeline

Another option is to click the checkbox next to a pipeline candidate's name (or more than one candidate!) and select the Transfer to Another Job option. You can then choose which active job to which to move them.

moving out of the pipeline

When you are finished working with pipeline candidates, click Reset All Filters to go back to viewing your active, non-pipeline applicants.

reset all filters