With CareerPlug, you can easily take action on multiple applicants at once on your Applicants tab. When you click the checkboxes to the left of multiple applicants' names, a menu will appear at the top of the page.

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In this menu, select what you'd like to do with the applicants. Your options are:

  • Send Email Invite (invite all of these applicants to take assessments or to complete a phone screen or in-person interview)
  • Share via Email (share the applicants with a coworker or another hiring manager)
  • Make Inactive (and send an optional rejection letter)
  • Delete
  • Print
  • Transfer to another job
  • Move to Pipeline (save these applicants for a future open position but remove them from your visible applicants screen. More info: What does moving an applicant to the Pipeline do?)

Here's more guidance on working with multiple applicants: I'm getting too many applicants. How do I quickly screen for the best?