Employee referrals are consistently one of the largest sources of hires for companies. Employee referrals are also hired faster, have a lower cost per hire, and have a smoother onboarding and a higher retention rate. With CareerPlug, you can easily track which of your applicants were referred by your employees as well as send an email to follow up with those employees on the status of the applicants they've referred. Having an employee referral program integrated into your CareerPlug system will help you be more consistent with this follow-up, which can lead to even more referrals and even more great hires.

Here's how to utilize employee referrals with CareerPlug:

1.  On your Jobs tab, find the job that you would like to share. 

2.  Select the Share button underneath your job posting. 

User-added image

3.  Select Email to open up an email message with a custom tracking link you can send to one or multiple employees:

Email to promote referrals

4.  When applicants apply to your jobs, they'll be able to specify who referred them on the application page.

5.  Once you get your first referred applicant, you'll notice a new filter on your Applicants tab called Referrals. All of your referred applicants will be visible here.

New referrals filter

You can also distinguish a referred applicant because they will have a flag on their record saying who referred them. 

How to tell an applicant was referred

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