Prescreen filtering allows you to view applicants with prescreen scores above a certain value or applicants who have chosen specific answers to selected prescreen questions. You may filter by either prescreen score or prescreen question, or you may filter by both.

To filter by prescreen score, follow these steps:

1.  On your Applicants tab, locate the heading for filter options and click on Prescreen Score.

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2.  In the pop-up window, adjust the slider left to right for which score you would like to filter by. 

3.  Click Apply.

4.  All applicants with the selected prescreen scores are now displayed.

5.  To clear this filter, click Reset All Filters.

To filter by answers to prescreen questions, follow these steps: 

1.  On your Applicants tab, click the link for 'More Filters' in the top right-hand corner.

2.  Scroll down to Filter by Prescreen Question. Select a question from the dropdown menu and click the blue plus sign (+).
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3.  Check the box next to the specific answers for the prescreen question if you want to see only the applicants which selected this/these answer(s). Note: At least one answer must be selected in order for the filter for this question to be applied.

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4.  Add any additional questions and answers by which you would like to filter. If two or more questions are added when this filter is applied, you will only see applicants who have answered all of the selected questions with the answers you chose.

Additional information about filtering by prescreen questions: 

  • You may only filter by questions that have specified answers. (Example: Are you willing to work weekends? Answer: Yes or No). You cannot filter by open-response type questions (Example: Describe your experience working with international clients.)
  • If you have already applied a job filter to your applicants before applying a prescreen filter, only the prescreen questions on that job will be available to be checked on the prescreen question filter. If you want to view any applicant who gave the selected answer(s) to the prescreens, be sure to Clear All Filters before selecting your prescreen filters.
  • You may only filter by multiple prescreen questions if the questions share at least one job. Questions that don't share a job with the already selected prescreen questions will be removed from the drop-down menu.