Here’s what the top hiring accounts are doing:

1. Logging in regularly
Check in on your account every day, or at least multiple times a week. This will help you stay on top of your account’s activities, like communicating with applicants, refreshing jobs, and monitoring your users.

2. Staying on top of their inboxes - email notifications
Set your notifications to receive daily emails of new applicants and fast track applicants. Adjust your notification settings on the Users page, click On for applicant emails.

3. Refreshing jobs every 30 days
Your jobs can be refreshed every 30 days. A blue button labeled Refresh will appear on your job, click this to push your posting back to the top of the job boards.

4. Using the Hiring Workflow
The top hiring accounts have few to zero applicants in the Needs Review filter, as they are constantly pushing them through the hiring steps towards Hire. Send assessments, then invite to interview, request references, and initiate background checks with ease using the hiring workflow.

5. Clicking Hire
When you are ready to hire an applicant, click the thumbs up to record all hires made with CareerPlug. This helps keep track of applicants that are new employees.