What does a payroll integration do?

A payroll integration allows you to export Employee information from CareerPlug’s Onboarding system to your payroll provider.

This process can happen automatically: when an employee has completed the onboarding process, their information will be sent to your payroll provider. The automatic export can also be turned off, where you have the option to review the employee’s information before hitting the export button, at which point the information does seamlessly send to your payroll provider.

Employee information exporting can also happen manually, with you exporting a report of your employees’ information from Onboarding and uploading it into your payroll provider. (More info: How do I get a report of all my employees?)

In some cases, it is necessary to capture extra information on an employee from within CareerPlug in order for an integration to work. This can be done by creating an ‘Employee Record’ type form. When you create this form, you can request information about your employee, the information will be filled out and mapped to the employee’s record, and then you have this information captured within CareerPlug for a successful export. (More info: How do I create and add custom fields for an employee report?)

What payroll providers can integrate with CareerPlug?

CareerPlug supports the following payroll integrations for clients who use our Onboarding system:
Coming soon:
  • ADP Vantage

If you use one of the above payroll providers and would like to integrate it with CareerPlug, please know that you must first set up the integration with both your payroll provider representative and your CareerPlug Client Success Manager (CSM). Your payroll provider may charge a fee for the use of a payroll integration.

How do I get started?

First, contact your payroll provider and your CareerPlug Client Success Manager (CSM) expressing your interest in setting up a payroll integration. Both will need to be involved in behind-the-scenes setup.

Once your payroll provider and CSM indicate that the integration is set up, follow these steps:

1. On the CareerPlug Onboarding system, navigate to Account > Settings.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. As you scroll, you’ll notice that new custom employee fields have been added to your account. (More info: How do I create and add custom fields for an employee report?).

3. At the very bottom of the page, notice a new section with the name of your payroll provider. You will be asked to enter some form of credentials depending on the payroll provider you work with. Your payroll provider can supply these credentials.

payroll integration

4. Click Save.

Now, your integration setup is complete.

Depending on your payroll provider, additional setup relating to departments and locations will need to be validated by your CareerPlug CSM so that your payroll exports work correctly.

Next steps

After your payroll integration is set up, you may need to follow some additional steps:

1. Add custom fields to your account. These are fields that capture the information about each employee that you want to import into your payroll system. You can configure these fields to your account and business. More info: How do I create and add custom fields for an employee report?

2. After creating your custom fields, you will want to create an Employee Record Form so that employees have a way to enter the information you need for your payroll system. More info: How do I create an Onboarding form?

3. After creating the Employee Record form, you will want to add the record form to all applicable checklists. Employees will be assigned this form like any other task or document in a new hire checklist. More info: How do I add forms to checklists?

4. Perform a test. Before sending through real employees, apply to one of your jobs as if you were an applicant, hire yourself, and go through the process from a new hire’s perspective.

If you are using a manual rather than automatic export, you will also need to Create an Employee Report. This is how you will export the data from CareerPlug. We recommend coordinating with your representative at your payroll company to better understand our import functionality and what your payroll provider offers. More info: What is an Employee Report?

If you are using an automatic export, you’ll have the option to set the export to happen truly automatically (the employee’s information will be sent to your payroll provider as soon as their required information is complete). On the other hand, you have the option to click an export button to send the information only after you've verified that all of an employee’s required information is complete.