To streamline texting applicants, we recommend creating at least one text message template.

Creating text message templates

Text message templates work just like email message templates, except we encourage you to introduce yourself and your company since applicants will be getting your texts from a phone number they don’t recognize.
To create a text message template, go to Account > Manage Hiring Process. On the left side of your screen, click the 'Message Templates' link. Click the Create New Message Template button. In the first pop-up, select the hiring step you want the text message to be associated with. In the next window, select 'Text Message' as the template type.

texting template - 1

Note: We do not recommend texting applicants invitations to take the Assessments as many phones will truncate the assessment link.

texting template - 2

Again, you'll want to ensure that the first text messaging template you plan to use introduces your company so that candidates know who is texting them.

When you use a text message template, applicants to whom you send it will automatically be advanced in the hiring process. If you text applicants without a template, they won’t be advanced in the hiring process automatically.

Texting applicants using a template

To text an applicant, visit your Applicants page and click on the 'Invite' or 'Schedule' link under the hiring step with which you just associated your text message template. For example, in this instance, a text message template (Invitation type) has been created for the Interview step. Clicking 'Invite' in the Interview step gives the option of using the text message template.

Invite for Interview

In the top drop-down menu, you can select the text message template you just created.

text type messageYou will get responses to your text messages in your CareerPlug account. Check your notifications to view text message responses.

text message notifications

Can I send texts to multiple applicants at once using a text message template?

No, this capability is not available yet. However, using text message templates does make texting an applicant quicker than typing individual texts.