Before you can add a required form to a job, you must first create one. Click here for more information: How do I create application forms?

*Note: If the form you created is on the Review step and you selected the checkbox to automatically add it to the hiring process for existing jobs, you will not need to complete the following steps, as the form is already associated with all of your jobs.

Now that you have created a required form, here's how to add it to a job:

  1. Go to your Jobs tab and click the title of the job you would like to add the form to.
  2. Under the section called Add Required Forms to the Application Process (below Prescreen Questions and above Assessments) check the box next to the form you would like added to the hiring process for that job. (When you create a new job, this form will be available to be added to the hiring process for that job as well).
  3. Click Save Job.

references step form

The next step is to invite applicants to complete a form, if necessary. More info: How do I invite applicants to complete a form?