Hiring trends show that more and more applicants prefer a shorter application process. Many applicants are applying on their phones, and it can be a frustrating experience to require applicants to complete a complex form immediately after they fill out their basic information and submit a resume.

In today's competitive job market, many applicants will bypass long, complex application processes in favor of simpler forms that capture vital information upfront and can easily be completed from any device. CareerPlug's founder, Clint Smith, wrote a blog about the benefits of shortening your time to apply: Would You Apply to Your Jobs?

Many CareerPlug clients have revamped their application process to provide a better, more compelling initial application experience by using one or both of the following actions:

1. Move formal application forms to the end of the hiring process. Is the information you’re collecting on a formal application not required until the applicant receives a formal employment offer? Then move this form from the Review step to the end of your hiring process. This saves time on the initial application and improves the applicant’s first experience with your brand while still collecting the formal application before a hire is made.

2. Collect more information with prescreen questions. If information collected on the formal application is vital to making an initial decision about the applicant, move those questions to prescreen questions. This ensures that you have these questions answered for every applicant and it allows you to filter your applicants by specific answers. You'll get the information you need in a more consistent and useful format rather than from a long, complex application form. More info: How do I use prescreen questions?