If you have a formal application or additional form for an applicant to complete, you can invite an applicant to complete the form during a specific time in the hiring process.
Before you can invite an applicant to complete a form, you must first create the form and associate it with a job. To complete those two steps, please visit the following links:  
Now that you have a form and it is associated with a job, take the following steps to invite an applicant to complete it:

1.  If you would like to invite an applicant to complete a required form, locate that applicant on the Applicants page.

2.  The name of the form you would like the applicant to complete will appear as a link under the step with which you associated the form. Next to the form name will be a mail icon.

reference form

3.  Click the form name/mail icon to load a pre-written email to the applicant inviting them to complete the form (More info: How do I customize the email templates that are sent to applicants?). Please do not edit the auto-generated link in the email.

message about form

4.  Send the email, and the applicant will be notified that they need to complete the form.

5.  When the applicant has completed the form, the link will appear with a file icon next to it.

file icon

6.  Click the form name/file icon to view the applicant’s completed form. 

Note: If you added the form to the Review step (not recommended), the applicant will automatically be prompted to complete it after applying. You do not need to take the above steps to invite applicants to complete the form. However, you can send a reminder email following the above steps, and you likely will need to. If applicants frequently are not completing your required forms, consider these options.