Application forms enable you to invite candidates to fill out a form or forms, such as a formal application, after their initial application to CareerPlug.

Follow these steps to create an application form: 

Click Account and select Manage Hiring Process. Locate the Forms link on the left side of the screen. Click the Create New Form button. Select which type of form you would like to create.
(Note: If you do not have the 'Forms' link, contact us to add it using the 'Contact' link at the top of this page.) 

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*Note: We do not recommend using the Visual Editor unless you can create HTML forms and custom styles from scratch.

If you choose a Download/Upload type form, please name the form, give instructions for the applicant on how to complete it, and upload a Word document or PDF document that you would like the applicant to download, complete, and upload.

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If you choose to use the Question and Answer editor, please name the form and add as many questions and/or comments as you would like. You may add a question by clicking the Add Question button, and you may add comments by clicking the Add Comment button.

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If you choose the PDF Form Builder, please name your form, choose a PDF on your computer to upload, and click the Create Required Form button. Then, add any instructions for the applicant. On the PDF you uploaded, use the Add a Form Field button to map out the fields on your form that you would like the applicant to complete. You can re-size and move the field as needed, however, field height adjustment affects form field order (an applicant is prompted to complete higher fields first). Click the edit icon to edit the field. Here's more help with adding fields to your PDF form: How do I add fields to PDF Forms?

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Once you have edited or created a form, go to Form Options near the bottom of the page. Select from the checkbox menu what step of the hiring process this form should be associated with. Note: We recommend adding forms to later steps in the hiring process. We do not recommend choosing the Review step. When you use the review step, applicants are prompted to complete the form immediately after applying, which can result in applicant confusion and low completion rates. Learn more about why adding forms later in the hiring process is optimal.

Forms can be added to the application process for all existing jobs and/or made part of the application process for new jobs by checking the appropriate checkboxes.

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Click the Update Required Form button.

The next step is to associate a required form with a job (only if you did not select the checkbox to add this form to the application process for all existing jobs. If you did select this option, there's no need to add forms to your existing jobs). To associate a form with a job, click a job name on the Jobs page to edit the job, scroll down to the Add Required Forms to the Application Process section, and select which required form(s) applicants who apply to this job should complete. Learn more: How do I add an application form to a job?How do I invite applicants to complete a form?