CareerPlug’s Support Team is here to help you Make Hiring Easier. Here are some guidelines for what you can expect when contacting CareerPlug Support.

Business Hours and Time Expectations

CareerPlug’s business hours are Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm Central Time, excluding holidays.

If you contact us via our online Help Center, you will get an automated email when a support case has been created regarding your issue or question. Once you get the email notifying you that your case has been created, you can expect a response from us within 2 business hours.

Some cases take longer than 2 hours to fully resolve. If your case requires a Technical Review (which requires coordination with our Product Team), please give us 1-2 business days to resolve your issue. If your case involves a Technical Review, you’ll be notified accordingly.

How to Contact CareerPlug Support

There are two ways to contact CareerPlug Support, opening a support case online or giving us a call. Please know that we are no longer accepting new support requests via email — the back-and-forth required to submit a case via email means that we are rarely able to resolve your issue in a timely manner. Opening a support request online via our Help Center is a quick and easy replacement for sending us an email.

Open a support request online by clicking the ‘Contact’ link in the Help Center and filling out a form (recommended)

  • Faster response because your case is immediately created with much of the information we will need to help you
  • Better tracking of your question or issue

Call our direct phone number at 512-579-0164

When you call us, you’ll have the option to wait on hold for the next available agent or to receive a callback.

If you choose to wait on hold:
  • Your call will be answered in the order in which it is received
  • If the queue is full or if all agents or unavailable, you’ll be directed to a back-up Answering Service (rather than voicemail)
  • Our Answering Service agents will create a case through our Help Center on behalf of the caller. Please know that the Answering Service is unable to answer any questions whatsoever and do not have access to the CareerPlug system
If you choose to receive a call back:
  • You must be calling from a number with Caller ID that can receive a callback
  • You will retain your place in the support queue
  • We will not know the name of the person who called
Soon, you’ll have a third option: to be able to chat with CareerPlug’s Support Team during business hours from within your CareerPlug account!

Escalating Cases

If you would like to escalate your case, please call us and have the specific case number (located in the email you received when your case was created) ready.

Alternatively, you can reply by email to the automated email you received when we created your case. Please let us know the reason why you are requesting escalation. A Senior Support Agent or Manager will reach out to you within 1 business day of your escalation request.

Help Us Improve by Providing Feedback

Two of CareerPlug’s core values are Bring Your Best and Communicate Openly. At CareerPlug, we believe feedback (communicating openly with our clients) is paramount to ensuring we provide you with quality service (bringing our best).

That’s why after every support case we close, we send the client a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Each client can give feedback about both their experience with our Support Team and about their experience using our product in general. Clients are also given the option to request a follow-up from a manager about their experience.