If you're not getting certain emails from CareerPlug, try these steps to resolve the issue:

1. Check your Spam. Check your Spam folder and see if CareerPlug emails are being sent there. If Gmail keeps sending messages from CareerPlug to the Spam folder, you can make it stop by explicitly telling Gmail that the email is safe, which will allow it through the spam filter. Here's how to do that.

2. If you work for a large company, check with your IT Department. It may be necessary for your company to 'whitelist' CareerPlug to ensure that you receive all emails from us.

3. Check your CareerPlug default notification settings. Navigate to Account > Users and click on your name. Click the area labeled 'Notifications' to expand these options.

Note: Only CareerPlug admin users have access to the Users page. If you don't have access to the Users page, ask an administrator on your account to take the steps 3 and 5.

edit user notifications

Here, you can turn on or off:
  • All applicant notifications
  • Notifications for every new applicant you receive (or receive a Daily Digest)
  • Notifications for every new Fast Track applicant you receive
  • Notifications when applicants complete tasks
  • Updates when existing applicants move into various workflow steps
More info: How do I manage my notification settings?

Make any necessary changes, then click the Update User button.

4. Check a specific job's notification settings. If the missing notifications are in regards to a specific job or job(s), find one of those jobs on the Jobs page and click the name of the job to edit it.

As you are editing the job, scroll to the 'Notification Settings' section. Under 'Choose a User', select your name from the drop-down menu.

choose a user

Adjust your notification settings here, then make sure to click the Save Job button at the bottom of the page. If your notification settings for this job were incorrect, try checking another job and seeing if that is also the case.

5. If your notification settings on more than one specific jobs are incorrect, consider applying your default notification settings (the ones accessed in Step 1 from the Account > Users page) to all existing jobs. You can do this by navigating to Account > Users, clicking your name, selecting the 'Notifications' heading, adjusting your notification settings, selecting the checkbox next to 'Apply These Settings to Existing Jobs', and clicking Update User.

apply settings to existing jobs

6. If you're still not receiving the emails that you should, contact us and we can further troubleshoot the issue.