In order to get more applicants, you might consider sponsoring your job on Indeed. Sponsoring a job on Indeed gives your job posting higher placement on the job boards so that more applicants see it.

You can sponsor a job through CareerPlug without having to communicate with Indeed representatives.

To sponsor a job on Indeed through CareerPlug, follow these steps:

On the Jobs tab, locate the job you want to sponsor and select the Sponsor button.

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The link opens a pop-up that allows you to set a budget for your job and enter your Indeed account information (if you already have an indeed advertiser account). Billing for sponsored jobs occurs through Indeed, not CareerPlug. Note that you can choose a custom 30-day pricing amount, but that amount must be $150 or greater.

If you already have an advertiser account with Indeed associated with your email, that is how you will be billed. If you don't have an Indeed advertiser account associated with the email you supply, expect an email from Indeed to the email entered.

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When you click Sponsor job on Indeed now, the job will be set as sponsored in CareerPlug's standard Indeed feed and the job budget will be set based on the option selected in the pop-up. 

The next time the feed updates, Indeed will process the sponsorship request. This means that sponsoring your job through CareerPlug will not be instant, and it may take up to 12 hours to update in our feed.
If Indeed has questions or needs to collect payment information or other information, they will do so outside of CareerPlug.

If you have more complex needs, we recommend contacting Indeed directly about sponsoring jobs. It’s very much possible for clients to sponsor their jobs through Indeed and still have those applications come through CareerPlug; that is something that an Indeed representative can handle. If you are interested in working with Indeed to sponsor your job postings, please contact your Indeed representative. If you don’t have an Indeed representative, you can contact one here.

Learn more here: Indeed Sponsored Jobs FAQ

Learn more about sponsoring jobs on Indeed or get information on pricing for sponsored jobs.