What happens when I downgrade from a CareerPlug Pro account to a CareerPlug Basic account?

When you downgrade your account, you lose the following: 

  • Automatic posting of your jobs to major job boards like Indeed
  • The ability for applicants to switch between English and Spanish versions of your Job postings
  • The ability to send applicants math/verbal and personality assessments
  • The ability to text candidates for faster responses (added fee)
  • The ability to require candidates to complete 1-9s, W-4s, and any custom paperwork online with a secure storage functionality

Click here to learn more about the differences between a Basic and a Pro account.


What happens when I have an applicant in the assessment hiring step and I downgrade to Basic?
You will both lose access to completed assessments and be unable to invite that applicant or future applicants to take assessments.

What happens if I have an employee who is currently in Onboarding and I decide to downgrade back to Basic?
You will no longer be able to access Onboarding when you downgrade to Basic. Any completed documents stored in the Onboarding system will be unavailable. You should download all completed Onboarding forms before you downgrade to Basic.

During a CareerPlug Pro Trial, I purchased text messaging. What will happen if I downgrade?
You'll lose the ability to text applicants if you downgrade to Basic. Any text conversations you had in progress will be lost.