Note: This article does not apply to State Farm Agents. If you are a State Farm Agent, click here to learn how to customize your Careers Page.

Your Careers Page is the first point of contact applicants will have with your company. It is a landing page where you can direct applicants to apply for your open positions. The most successful CareerPlug users customize their Careers Page to make their company stand out and show applicants how passionate they are about what they do.

To set your company apart from others and attract more high-quality applicants, customize your Careers Page: 

This is some of the most important content we recommend adding to your Careers Page before you post your first job. Here's a detailed, step-by-step guide:

Where can I preview my Careers Page?

Your Careers Page link can be accessed from your Dashboard by clicking the My Careers Page button.

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There you will find the link to your Careers page site and a button to edit your Careers Page. 

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You can also head to the Account Tab then click Manage Careers Page to begin customization.

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What do I need to build my Careers Page?

The best Careers Pages include photos, a company description, a company color, and (optional but strongly recommended) perks/benefits, employee testimonials, and a company video.

The most important content for your Careers Page is:
  • 4-5 company photos that highlight your company/employee culture
  • 1 logo with a transparent background
  • A couple of paragraphs advertising your company to prospective employees

Adding Your Company's Social Media Websites

Scroll down to Company/Social Websites. From here, you can add your company website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and an optional video link by copying & pasting those links into their respective fields. Click here for more information on adding your company's social media websites: How do I add links to my company website or social media pages to my Careers Page?  (Note: We support YouTube video links only at this time)

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Adding Company Photos and a Logo

In this section, upload your company photos by selecting Add PhotoChoose File, and selecting the photo you want to upload (Note: JPG, PNG, and GIF are the only accepted file types).

We recommend your company photos be at least 1024x768 pixels. Be careful not to stretch your photo and be mindful of the dimensions.

The same process applies to uploading your Company Logo. Click Choose File and select the Company Logo you have saved. Click here for more information on adding photos to your Careers Page: How do I add photos to my Careers Page?

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Here's an example of what a Careers Page looks like with added photos:

Careers Page with Photos


Adding a Company Description

We recommend customizing your Company Description before posting your first job in order to attract quality applicants. Your Company Description is displayed on all of your job postings and helps show potential applicants why they should work for you. This is your chance to describe your company and show off its unique culture. Click here for more info on customizing your Company Description: How do I customize my company description?

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Here is what the Company Description will look like on your Careers Page:

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Header Widget

The Header Widget has 4 blanks: Headline, Tagline, Description, and Background Image.

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The most important fields are Headline and Background Image. None of these fields are required. If they are all left blank, the Careers Page will appear with a solid color background and logo only at the top of the screen:

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Here's an example of a Careers Page with a Headline and Background Image:

User-added image

In order to add a background image to the header, follow these steps:
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Customize Careers Widget
  2. Click the Files tab
  3. Under “Add a new image…” select Choose File
  4. Choose an image saved on your computer and click Upload File
  5. Back in the Header Widget section, select the image you just uploaded in the dropdown under Background Image
  6. Click “Save All Changes” at the bottom of the page. 
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You may find that after uploading an image it is hard to see the logo or read the headline or tagline. To mediate that, add a “banner background” color that contrasts those items.
  1. Go back to the Customize Careers Widget page
  2. On the Colors tab, choose a Banner Background color. This can be any color you want, but we recommend choosing a color that is in contrast to the color of the logo.
    Example: If the logo is light, choose a dark color. If the logo is dark, choose a light color.
  3. Click Update Live Careers Pages to save all changes.

Using the Web Widget

If you wish to get the code to place your CareerPlug Careers Page as a widget on your own company's website, you can find that code by clicking Customize Site Template and/or Careers Widget at the bottom of the Manage Careers Page page (find this page by navigating to Account > Manage Careers Page). Click the 'Careers Widget' item, then click the 'Widget Code' item. Copy the code provided for use on your company's website.

Company Perks

The Company Perks section has 4 fields: Headline, Tagline, Description, and Add Perk. The most important are the Headline and Add Perks.

The headline can be anything from “Benefits” to “What We Offer” to “Why Work for Us?” The Tagline and Description are not required. Here is a sample of a Careers Page with added perks:

User-added image

To add some perks, follow these steps:
  1. Click Add Perk
  2. Include a Headline (the only required section). We recommend at least adding a Headline and an Icon.

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  • Commonly mentioned perks include:
    1. Compensation
    2. Bonus Potential
    3. Retirement Savings Plans
    4. Paid Time Off
    5. Insurance Benefits
    6. Employee Discounts/free benefits
  • For the Icons, you can either choose a consistent Icon for all perks (ex: a check mark) or you can use a different icon for each perk. We offer an extensive library of icons.

    User-added image
  • Click Save All Changes when you are finished.


The Testimonials section has 5 blanks: Testimonial, Name, Location, Title, and Avatar. The only required fields are Testimonial and Name. Testimonials are often not readily available, but they can really help sell your company to a jobseeker. Here's an example of a Careers page with testimonials:

User-added image

To add a Testimonial, follow these steps:
  1. Copy and Paste the quote in the Testimonial box.
  2. Include the name of the team member who you are quoting. If a name wasn’t provided, you may use something generic like their title.
  3. The Location would be the location that the employee you are quoting works for. The Title would be that employee’s job title. An Avatar would be a photo of the employee you are quoting.
  4. To add an Avatar, follow the same basic steps you did to add a header background image:
    1. Scroll to the bottom of the company tab and select “Customize Careers Widget
    2. Click on the Files tab
    3. Under Add a new image… select Choose File
    4. Choose an image saved on your computer and click Upload File
    5. Click Back when it is finished uploading the image
    6. Back in the Testimonials section, select the image you just uploaded in the dropdown under Avatar
  5. Click Save All Changes at the bottom of the page.

Primary Color

Below the Testimonials, you will see Primary Color for Careers Pages. Ideally, you would have your company color hex codes. If not, you can choose from one of the offered colors or find the primary color yourself on your website. Click here for more info on customizing your Career Page colors: How can I customize the colors on my Careers Page?

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A useful tool to locate a color’s hex code is the Google Chrome extension called “ColorPick Eyedropper” – this tool allows you to drag your mouse over any color and it will give you that color’s exact hex code for you to then copy and paste into the blank provided. (Note: This tool may only be used in the Google Chrome web browser.)


Filter Options

The final essential customization option is choosing how your jobs are filtered on your Careers Page. To access this, click Customize Careers Widget at the bottom of the Company page. From here, head to the Table tab.

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Scroll down to where you see Include Job Filtering. You have 5 options for filtering job posts on the Careers Page. We recommend using the Zip Code Search and Narrow by Job Title, but any of the options may be used. Click Update Preview to view the functionality of each option before you make your final selections.

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Once you have chosen the appropriate filters, click Update Live Careers Widget to save all changes.

Advanced Options

If you have experience in HTML/CSS and want to explore further customization options, click the Customize Careers Widget button and head to the Advanced tab. Add custom CSS in the "Custom Style Code" box. We recommend only doing this if you have experience with CSS.

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