To change the criteria for your Fast Track applicants, you will need to edit the prescreen questions on the jobs which include Fast Track prescreen responses.

Note: If you are a State Farm Agent, click here.

Navigate to your Jobs page and click the name of the job you wish to edit.

Edit job

Scroll to the 'Prescreen Questions' area. Locate a question with the Words 'Fast Track' appear in green. This means that this question has a Fast Track response. Click the edit icon next to the question you wish to edit.

Fast Track question

Adjust whether certain answers are considered Fast Track responses. Save the prescreen question, and then click Save Job when you are finished.

Fast Track question on prescreen question

If you want to add a Fast Track response to another question, simply edit the prescreen question using the icon and adjust the response options. Make sure to click Save Job when you're finished making changes.