If you posted your job within fewer than 24-48 hours and you're not yet getting applicants — don't worry! Your job may not yet be live on Indeed, but it will be soon, and you can expect to start receiving applicants then. If you posted your job more than 30 days ago, see if it's time to refresh your job to move it back up to the top of the job boards and more prominent to jobseekers. More info: How do I refresh my job postings?

If you posted your job more than 48 hours ago and fewer than 30 days ago and you're looking more applicants, try the following suggestions.

To increase your applicant flow, try the following: 

  • Ensure your job postings follow Indeed Best Practices for maximum job visibility
  • Include compensation and experience level
  • Experiment with job descriptions and titles
  • Promote your job on as many job boards as possible
  • Post jobs early in the week (Sunday and Monday)
  • Customize your Careers Page
  • Use Indeed sponsored jobs
  • Promote your open position among your current employees

Include compensation and experience level

Including compensation information and desired experience level on your job postings is crucial for Indeed visibility. For example, if a jobseeker indicates their desired compensation of $15-20 per hour when performing a job search on Indeed and your job posting does not include this information, your job would not be presented to them. The same goes for the desired experience level.

You can add compensation information (a single number or a range) and desired experience on each individual job beneath the job description:

compensation and desired experience

Experiment with job titles and descriptions

Your job descriptions should be designed to attract top-quality applicants — a simple list of requirements and responsibilities won't attract as many applicants than a thoughtful job description that speaks to the types of applicants you are looking for. 

Experimenting with job titles can also increase your applicant flow. Here's some guidance on optimizing your job titles for search engines.

Promote your job on as many job boards as possible

Posting to Craigslist, promoting your job on social media sites, and posting to local job boards, like universities and your chamber of commerce, will all help you bring in more applicants. Ask team members with strong social networks to share your job. (More information: How do I share my jobs on social media?How do I post my job to outside sources (such as Craigslist, Facebook or local colleges)?)

Post jobs early in the week

Most jobseekers are actively on the job boards Monday and Tuesday, so it's best to post jobs early in the week (Sunday through Monday). If you aren't actively using CareerPlug on these days, you can schedule your jobs to be posted at a later date. (More information: How do I set a job to automatically post in the future?)

Customize your Careers Page

Top applicants are interested in working with a driven team that is truly passionate about their work. You can greatly increase your applicant flow by writing a strong company description (How do I write a compelling company description?) and adding team photos (How do I add photos to my Careers Page?) that show off your company's culture. Your Careers Page is a marketing tool — make sure that you are taking advantage of it. 

Click here for a detailed guide: Careers Page Customization Guide

Use Indeed sponsored jobs

Using a sponsored job posting on Indeed can help promote your job to make it more visible. To get started, click the Sponsor button below a job posting. (More information: How can I boost or sponsor my jobs through Indeed?)

Promote your open position among your current employees

Employee referrals are one of the largest sources of hires for employers. Ask your team members with strong social networks to share your job using your job's referral link. Select Share below your job on the Jobs tab and you can get your referral link by selecting the Email option. Click here for more information about how to use the CareerPlug Employee Referral program: How do I utilize the employee referral program?