If you're not immediately seeing your new applicants when you visit your Applicants page, here are some things that will help.

Click on your 'Needs Review' filter

A quick fix is to click the 'Needs Review' filter at the top of your Applicants page. Clicking this filter will show you all applicants who have not been moved through the review step of your hiring workflow, regardless of the job to which they applied.

Needs Review Filter

Reset all filters, Do Not Group, and Sort by Application Date (New to Old)

This solution requires three steps and is sure to show your most recent applicants first.

Step 1: Click Reset All Filters

Reset All Filters

Step 2: Set 'Group by' to 'Do Not Group'

Do Not Group

Step 3: Set 'Sort by' to 'Sort by Application Date (New to Old)

Sort by application date

This will show your most recent applicants first, regardless of the hiring step they are in and which job they applied to.

Tip: Change your default filters

If you wish to always view your most recent applicants first, you can change your default filters so that the above filters are applied every time you log in.

Go to Account > My Profile and scroll to the Default Applicants Page Options section.

Account My Profile

Here, set the Group Applicants drop-down to 'Do Not Group' and the Sort Applicants drop-down to 'Sort by Application Date (New to Old)'. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Default filters

Still don't see the applicants you should?

Ask an administrator of your account if they can ensure you have access to the correct locations. If you are an administrator, here's how to make sure that full and limited access users are set on the correct locations:  How do I give my employees access to the locations they manage and the applicants they should be able to see?

If you're still having trouble, contact us by using the 'Contact Support' link at the top of this page. We're happy to help!