To view the Source Analysis chart, go to your Reports tab and click on the Source Analysis tab.


The Data on the Source Analysis chart

On the Source Analysis tab, you can view two pie charts. The first, All Applicants, will give you a breakdown of what sources your applicants came from. The second chart, Hired Applicants, will show you a breakdown of what sources your hires came from. Hover over any section of the pie charts to see the percentage of applicants or hires who came from a specific source.

Source Analysis Chart


Using the filters on the Source Analysis chart

Use any of the available filters to limit the data you see. In addition, be sure to select the correct date range for the data you wish to view. You can even view data from a custom date range by selecting Custom from the date range drop-down menu and using the date picker to select the date range you wish to view. When you make any changes to the filters or date range, click the Update Chart button to apply your changes.

Source analysis filters

Note: You have the ability to filter by All Applicants, only Active Applicants, or only Inactive Applicants on this chart. If you choose to filter by only Inactive Applicants, you may have no data in your Hired Applicants chart. Make sure to show All Applicants or Active Applicants to show all of your hire data in the Hired Applicants chart.

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