To remove filled positions or old job postings, you need to make them inactive.

To make a job inactive, find the job on the Jobs tab and click the Make Inactive button.

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You will be given the option to Make Inactive (you will not receive new applicants), or to Make Passive (you will accept resumes for future openings). Both options take the job down from the job boards, but 'Make Passive' will leave the job on your Careers Page.

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  • To completely deactivate the job, click 'Make Inactive.' This will close the posting and remove the ability to view or apply for this job. The job will immediately be removed from your Careers Page, and it will be removed from the job boards within 12-24 hours.
  • To remove the posting from the job feeds, including Indeed and SimplyHired, but leave the job up on your Careers Page, click 'Make Passive.' This will give you the opportunity to build a pipeline of applicants for future openings without actively posting to the job boards.

Be sure to complete the action by clicking the Make Inactive button once you have selected your option.

If you decide to make a job inactive (rather than passive), you will be asked whether you want to keep the applicants to that job active or de-activate them. De-activating them will remove them from your default visible applicants screen. However, you can always make inactive applicants active to work with them at a later time. You can view inactive applicants by changing your applicant filtering options: How do I use the sort and filter options on the applicants page?