When you add an Onboarding checklist to a job, people who you hire that applied to this job will automatically be assigned this checklist when you click the Hire button.

To add a checklist to a job, navigate to the ATS.


Find the name of the job you want to edit on the Jobs page. Click the name of the job to edit it.

edit job

Scroll to the bottom of the job edit page to the "Employee Onboarding Checklists" section. All of your checklists will be here. Note: If your checklists do not appear here, that means you have not yet activated the onboarding process. More information: Onboarding Getting Started Guide

Check the box next to a checklist name (or more than one) and confirm who should sign/approve employees' forms.

Click Save Job when you are finished.

checklists on job

You can also assign checklists to individual employees. More info: How do I add or remove an Onboarding checklist from an employee?