To add a user to your account, follow these steps:

Go to the Account on the top right side of your screen and click Users.


Click the blue New User button at the bottom of the page, beneath all of your users.

Specify the employee's name, email, employment status, access settings, notification settings, and optional EEOC tracking info (How do I enable and use EEOC Tracking?).

Give the user the correct level of access. Admin users can edit account settings, post jobs, and review applicants (in all locations). Full Access users can post jobs and review applicants (in selected locations). Limited Access users can only review applicants (in selected locations). More information: What do the levels of user access mean?

Giving full access

If you added a full or limited access user and your account uses locations, that user will now need to be added to locations (and departments if you use them) in order to be able to see any applicants. Click inside the Locations field to open a list of your locations. You can also type the first few letters of a location to search for it and add it.

Locations access

Click Create User at the bottom of the page. Once you add this person as a user, they will be sent an email asking them to set their password.

Note: If you see an error message saying information is missing but nothing is highlighted in red, that indicates that required information is missing in a Location on the account. Typically, this is the Location ID. Edit the location by clicking Account > Manage Areas and clicking the 'Locations' link on the left side of the screen. Find the location with missing information and edit it.

If you need to add a user to an additional location later, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Account > Manage Areas. Click the 'Locations' link on the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. Click the 'Edit' link next to the location you would like to edit, then scroll to Participating Users
  3. You can add or remove people from this field. 
  4. Remember to click Update Location when you are finished in order to save your changes.