Paid CareerPlug accounts generally come with our Math/Verbal and Personality Assessments. This article covers troubleshooting potential issues with these assessments, including:
  • You can't find an applicant's assessment score
  • Applicants are not receiving your assessment email
  • Applicants are not completing your assessments
  • You cannot send an assessment invite
  • An assessment is missing a score
  • An assessment has a status of 'Pending'
  • You need to re-send an assessment link

You can't find an applicant's assessment score

If you can't find an applicant's assessment score, check their Assessment step, wherever it may be in your hiring workflow. Click the number next to the name of the assessment to view the full score report:

find the assessment step

click the scores

Applicants are not receiving your assessment email

If you believe applicants aren't receiving the assessment invitation emails you send from CareerPlug, you have options. First, email deliverability is a potential issue. CareerPlug uses one of the largest email service providers in the world, which has very high email deliverability rate. However, getting into anyone’s inbox is not guaranteed, and certain email services are more strict than others. The best thing you can do if you want to move forward with a candidate is reach out to them via another channel. Try calling or texting (more below), even if it’s just to ask them to check their spam folder. If you believe candidates aren't receiving your emails, here are some more tips:

1. After you send an applicant an initial assessment invitation and get no response, consider sending them an email straight from your email client. To do this, locate the applicant on your Applicants page. Click 'Show URL/Link' under the applicant's assessment step.

Show URL Link

In the window that appears, click Copy Link. Then, open your email client and send the applicant an email that includes that assessment link.

copy link

To find the applicant's email address, click the 'Contact' option.


When the applicant completes the assessment, their scores will still be shown in CareerPlug as normal.

2. Email isn't always the best way to contact an applicant. For example, millennial applicants may be more responsive to text messages. Consider enabling text recruiting if you consistently find that applicants aren't responding to your emails. More info: How do I activate text recruiting?

Applicants are not completing your assessments

What's more likely than applicants not receiving your assessment invitations at all is that applicants are receiving your assessment invitations but not completing the assessments. Great applicants might be applying to multiple jobs at once, so it's possible that you'll hear crickets from candidates after you send them the link to complete a CareerPlug assessment. If this happens often, or you're only getting a limited number of excellent candidates, consider changing up your hiring workflow.

For example, make a phone screen your initial contact with an applicant and then let them know that an assessment invitation or a formal application is on the way. This can help with your candidate drop-off. In this case, we suggest moving your phone screen after the review step and before your assessment step in your hiring workflow. Here's how to edit your hiring workflow: How can I edit or add steps to my hiring workflow?

Another option is to enable text recruiting. Though we don't recommend sending assessment links via text message, our clients are using text messages to follow up with candidates who were previously unresponsive. More info: How do I activate text recruiting?

You cannot send an assessment invite

In order to use assessments, you must have a paid CareerPlug account. More info: How do I upgrade my account from basic to pro?

If you have a paid CareerPlug account and still do not have the ability to send assessments, it's possible that the assessments are not selected on your job.

To ensure that assessments are selected on your job, locate an applicant to whom you are unable to send an assessment. The heading they are under will list the job to which an applicant applied. You may need to scroll up to find it.

job title heading


Now, on your Jobs page, find that job to which that applicant applied and click the job name to edit it.

editing the job

Scroll to the Assessments area. Make sure you have selected all the assessments you want to send to applicants who apply to this job. The example below has many custom assessments, but most accounts will only have the Math/Verbal and Personality Assessments as options. Select one or both, and if you select the Personality Assessment, be sure to select at least one Assessment Category.

Assessments available

If you find more applicants to whom you cannot send the assessment invite, it's a good idea to do an audit of all your job postings and/or job templates and ensure the correct assessments are selected on each job.

An assessment is missing a score

If both assessment scores are missing, that means the applicant has not yet completed either assessment. Here's an example of this case:

has not completed assessment

In some cases, the applicant has completed one assessment but not the other. Here's what that looks like:

only completed math verbal

In both the previous cases, you can send the applicant a reminder to complete their assessments or their other assessment.

In the case below, the applicant only has one score because there is only one assessment selected on the job. There is no 'Pending' score because the applicant has not been invited to take another assessment:

only one assessment selected on job

To remedy this situation, you will need to edit the job to which the applicant applied and select all assessments that you want applicants to this job to complete. (This topic is covered in the heading above).

A final situation is when an assessment score or scores appear as 'Imported' and the other score appears as 'Pending'. This means that this applicant applied to a job at another company and that company required the same assessment as you do. If you at least one score is 'Pending', when you invite the applicant to take assessments, they will only be prompted to take the assessment that they have not yet taken.

imported score

You can reset an applicant's imported assessment score, but we don't recommend it. Here's how: How do I reset an applicant's assessments so that they can be retaken?

An assessment has a status of 'Pending'

An assessment status of 'Pending' means that an applicant has completed one assessment but not both in the same sitting. You may prompt the applicant to complete the other assessment.

You need to re-send an assessment link

To re-send an assessment link, click Show URL/Link and then click Copy Link before contacting the applicant.

show url link

copy link