As soon as you create and save a new job, it will automatically be posted to your Careers Page. This means that you can immediately send the link to the job to anyone you know who wants to apply.

Within 24-36 hours, your job will also be posted to Indeed and our other job board partners. These job boards need time to update their feeds with your new job. Learn who they are here: On what job boards does CareerPlug post my jobs?

You can immediately post your job to additional job boards to which CareerPlug does not automatically post. Learn more: How do I post my job to outside sources (such as Craigslist, Facebook or local colleges)?

In fact, we recommend immediately posting your job to social media and encouraging your networks to share your opportunity. Some of our clients' great hires come from their own networks and connections. Learn how to post your job to social media: How do I share my jobs on social media (such as Facebook)?