Here at CareerPlug, we continually track the number of applicants our clients' jobs receive. Over time, we've noticed a significant trend in applicant activity during certain days of the week:
  • Most people are actively submitting job applications Monday through Wednesday.
  • There is a drop in applications from Wednesday to Thursday, and then again from Thursday to Friday.
  • Significantly fewer applicants are received over the weekend compared to during the week.

Based on this data, we recommend posting jobs on Mondays to give you the best chance of getting your jobs in front of the most candidates possible. Jobseekers are very active on the job boards at the beginning of the week, which means if you post your jobs on a Monday, there is a higher chance that more applicants will see your posting.

If you're getting low applicant flow, consider posting your next job on a Monday. If you're in your account and ready to post a new job on a day that's not at the beginning of the week, you can always set your job to post at a later date. More info: How do I set a job to automatically post in the future?