If you cannot find an applicant or are having issues with the filters, you may reset the filters by clicking on the Reset All Filters button at the top right-hand side of the Applicants tab.

Reset all Filters button

Note that selecting this link will not reset any default filters you may have set up. More info: I don't like the default Applicants page filters. How do I set my own defaults?

Filtering your applicants will help you evaluate people who applied to your jobs more quickly. Learn how to effectively use filters on the Applicants tab: How do I use the sort and filter options on the Applicants tab?

If you are using your Dashboard or Jobs tab to select which applicants you would like to view, the system will apply those filters to your Applicants tab. For example: Select the Needs Review section for the job you'd like to view applicants on the Jobs tab. The filter will show only Needs Review (new) applicants under that job on your Applicants tab.

Needs review filter

When these filters are applied, they could affect any searches you conduct from the Applicants tab and may be a reason that you'd need to reset your filters.