If you’re ready to start having new hires complete checklists, you need to Activate the Onboarding Process. This means that your default checklist for new jobs will be added to all of your active jobs. If you only have only one checklist created, that is the checklist will be added to all of your active jobs.

From the point that you activate the onboarding process moving forward, your new hires will automatically be emailed with a link to log in and complete your default checklist immediately after you Hire them on the ATS.

Before you Activate the Onboarding Process, make sure that you've added all necessary forms to checklists that you want a new hire to complete. We also recommend checking the settings on each of your forms. More info: Onboarding Forms Settings
To activate the Onboarding Process, go to Account > Settings and click the Activate Onboarding Process button.

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Want certain employees to complete a different checklist from the Default Checklist (or an additional one)?

You can always edit any individual checklist assignment for a job by editing the job itself and changing the checklist or checklists that should be assigned to new hires made for that job.

Changing checklist

You can also assign individual employees checklists. More info: How do I assign an Onboarding checklist?