When you create or edit a job posting, you'll see a few advanced options near the bottom of the page.

Advanced job options

Here's what the options mean:

  • Require a resume to apply for this position - This will add a required upload box for applicants to upload their resume. If you do not see this option, you do not have this feature enabled. Contact us if you would like this option activated.
  • Internal listing only - Internal listings are active jobs that are posted to your Careers Page but are not pushed to job feeds like Indeed and SimplyHired.
  • Job Code/Requisition ID - Selecting this option will allow you to enter an internal job code to be associated with the posting.
  • Do not display on my Careers Page - This will make your job active on the job feeds, but this job will not be displayed on your Careers Page.
  • Make this job confidential - No company information will be shown with this job, and the job will not be displayed on your Careers Page. Selecting this option will prevent your job from appearing on job feeds like Indeed and SimplyHired. When you select this option, you'll need to ensure that you have set a Confidential Account Name (from Account > Company profile).