In February 2019, CareerPlug redesigned the Source Analysis export report to be more informative and dramatically faster to run.

You can now choose to see clicks, applicants, and hires from any of your sources (like Indeed) and easily compare those results to other sources (like your Careers Page). This will help you to quickly pinpoint the most valuable sources for your business across all of your job postings.

If you have a saved Source Analysis report, you will need to update this report to take advantage of these new features. Older versions of the Source Analysis report will no longer include the data that you expect!

Follow these steps to Update your Source Analysis report:

1. Navigate to your Reports page and click the Reports sub-tab.

reports reports

2. Click the 'Edit' link next to your Source Analysis report, or create a new source analysis report.

edit source analysis report

3. Review the new column options, which include the number of clicks, applicants, and hires from each source. Add them all, or compare only a few sources in depth by adding only those columns to your report.

source analysis options

report headings

4. Review the included columns of your report, then click Save Report or Save and Run Report.

save and run report