Indeed has certain guidelines in place to provide the best possible experience for jobseekers. Following these guidelines when posting a job is important for maximum visibility on Indeed's job board.

Watch a 4-minute webinar that describes these best practices.

Read this blog from Indeed summarizing their best practices.

One job, one post

Indeed’s revenue model is largely based on ad sponsoring. Indeed is particularly on the lookout for this in organic posts, as you can see in their Search Quality Policies. Never post for multiple openings with a single job post.
  • Do not pluralize job titles
  • Don’t use phrases like “we’re always hiring” in the description
  • Refrain from referencing any other open positions in the job description
  • You may post multiple job opportunities, but make sure that each post is for a unique job opening.
Note: The only exception to this rule is when you are looking for Spanish-speaking candidates. In this case, you may post two jobs that are exactly the same — one in English and one in Spanish.

Keep Job titles simple and clear

  • If the job title is not something that the employee could put on a business card or LinkedIn profile, it's probably not appropriate for Indeed
  • Don’t use phrases to create urgency. e.g - “Hiring ASAP” “Need to fill position immediately”
  • Don’t use all caps
  • Don't list the dates/times of shifts in the title
  • Avoid symbols
  • Avoid unnecessary descriptors in the title. Calling out reliability, trustworthiness, or enthusiasm, is great in the job description, but leave it out of the job title
  • For example, using the following phrases in job titles will result in your posting being removed from Indeed:
    • "Life is Too Short Not to Work Somewhere Awesome"
    • "urgent need"
    • "Weekend Part Time"
    • "benefits offered"

Fill in all job posting template placeholders

If you choose to use template placeholders that are filled manually, make sure they are filled before you post the job. Unresolved template placeholders are a huge red flag for the Indeed QA team.


You should only post an opening in the zip code of the physical location of the workplace. Posting a job to all of the zip codes within an area you serve may cause Indeed to flag posts or remove your posts.

The work environment

The experience of a job goes beyond the immediate job duties. The office space, the company culture, and coworkers go a long way to let a potential applicant know what working for your company will truly be like. Devote a section of the job description to let an applicant know about what the company is like outside of day-to-day job duties.

What’s in it for the applicant?

Most people know the standard topics to cover in a job posting. Let the applicant know about the responsibilities of and requirements for the role, but don’t stop there — talk about the company itself. Remember, when you're recruiting someone for your team, you’re forming a partnership.
  • Mention compensation in concrete terms like an hourly rate, or approximated annual salary. Do not use spammy phrases like "unlimited earning potential" or "Make CA$H"
  • List non-financial benefits like retirement plans, possible career advancements, or your vacation policy.
  • Remember, you’re pitching your company to the applicants just as much as they’re pitching themselves to you
Remember to review all job postings and templates before pushing them live. It takes only a few minutes to make sure that your post falls within these guidelines. Doing so ensures the best possible experience for applicants, makes your posts more effective, and mitigates the risk of your violations being the cause for the suspension of organic posts. As Indeed’s QA standards and our understanding of them evolve, we’ll be releasing quarterly updates to our best practices to ensure that your job postings have the highest visibility possible.

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More information on Indeed's standards can be found in their help center:

Indeed Job Board Inclusion Guidelines
Indeed Job Posting Best Practices

Indeed has full discretion and reserves the right to remove a posting which they feel does not adhere to these guidelines. Jobs that do not meet Indeed standards may be subject to review and require additional information from the hiring company.