While in CareerPlug's Onboarding system, you can navigate to Account > Settings to select what default onboarding checklist should be added to jobs. Once you activate the onboarding process, this checklist will be added to all active jobs, and all new jobs by default. Click the 'Change' link next to 'Default Checklist for New Jobs' on the Account > Settings page to adjust this setting.

Settings Page

Changing an individual checklist for a job

Want certain employees to complete a different checklist from the Default Checklist (or an additional one)? You can always edit any individual checklist assignment for a job by editing the job itself (ATS/Recruiting system > Jobs tab > click job title to edit) and changing the checklist or checklists that should be assigned to new hires made for that job (at the bottom of the page).

Select Checklist

Assign an individual employee a checklist

You can also assign an individual employee a checklist by clicking the Assign Tasks link to the right of the employee's name on the Onboarding page.

Assign checklist