What is a department?

Departments control which users can access jobs and applicants. For example, if hiring managers should only have access to jobs and applicants for certain departments, create departments and give hiring managers access to theirs. Note: Hiring Managers will only be able to access jobs and applicants of their location. In this way, departments serve as an additional user access restrictor.

How do I create a department?

To create or edit a department go to Account > Manage Areas > Departments. Either click on a department you want to edit, or click the Create New Department button on the top right. 

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Type the name of the department, then select which users will have access to job posting selected under this department. Click the blue Update Department button to save your changes. 

How do I associate a job posting with a department?

Once you have created a department, you can add it to any job posting. If you are creating a new job, there will be an option for you to select the department when creating the job. 

If you are editing a job posting, you can add a department to the posting by scrolling to the Department section below hiring workflow and status. 

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Be sure to save your job posting in order for the changes to take place.