If you have a group of prescreen questions that you have on one or more job (or template), it can be a time saver to set up questionnaires instead of selecting prescreen questions for every job.

You can create an unlimited amount of questionnaires that can be paired with specific jobs. For example, you can create a "manager" questionnaire that is linked to many job templates (for example, Supervisor, Store Manager, and Regional Manager) and a "general" questionnaire for other jobs template (for example, Server, Cook, and Busser)

If you update a questionnaire that is already linked to a job or job template, it will automatically be updated on the job templates that questionnaire is attached to.

Note: You can either pick and choose prescreen questions or use a questionnaire. You cannot use both on the same job.

Creating a questionnaire

Navigate to Account > Manage Job Settings and click the 'Questionnaires' link on the left side of the page. Click the Create New Questionnaire button. Name the new questionnaire so it easy to find it when you are adding it to a job.

Add questions to the questionnaire and for each question, add scores and add what type of action needs to be taken after an applicant answers that question.


Click Update Questionnaire when you are finished adding questions.

Adding a questionnaire to a job template 

Adding a questionnaire to a job or job template can only be done after a questionnaire has already been created.

To add a questionnaire to a job template, navigate to Account > Manage Job Settings and click the 'Job Templates' link on the left side of the screen. Edit the desired job template and scroll to the Prescreen Questions section (under job description, compensation, and desired experience). In the drop-down menu that says 'Specific Questions,' you can select the questionnaire relevant to that job. Once you select a questionnaire to be paired with a job, you cannot select more prescreen questions. In the example below, selecting the 'Manager Questions' questionnaire will remove the individual prescreen questions that were already set on the job.

selecting questionnaire

To add the questionnaire to a current job, follow the same steps above but edit an individual job on the Jobs page instead of editing the job template.