If you've accidentally set the wrong person as the signer on an employee's checklist, you can change the signer at any time. Go to the Onboarding page on Onboarding and click the Assign Tasks link next to the employee’s name whose checklist you need to assign a new signer.

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Set the correct signer in the Signs/Approves Forms drop-down to the right of the checklist name. Click the Update Checklist Assignments button at the bottom of the page. All remaining incomplete steps on the checklist will be assigned to the new signer.

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To change the default signer on a checklist:

Go to the Settings Page (Account > Settings) and click on the Edit link next to the checklist in the Checklists section.


Select the correct default signer from the Signs/Approves Forms by Default drop-down menu at the top of the checklist.

Change signer/approver by default

Save the checklist at the bottom of the page.