An employee's completed documents — that is, documents that have been filled out by the employee and signed or approved by the document signer — live on their Documents page.
To view an employee's completed Documents, locate the employee on the Employees page and click on their name OR click the 'Edit Employee' link next to the employee's name on the Onboarding page.

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Next, click on their Documents page.

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The resulting page will show all completed documents. Click on the name of the document to view it. 

Don't see a document?

By default, employees will only see their completed I-9s and W-4s. If you or your employee can't see their documents, it is likely that the form the document was generated from is set to admin/manager view or admin only view.

An admin user can adjust that setting by navigating to Account > Settings in Onboarding. Find the form that someone should be able to see but can't, and click the link to Edit that form.

At the bottom of the form edit page, there will be a field called 'Document Visibility'. Change who should be able to see those documents. The default setting is 'Only Administrators', which is why employees and managers cannot view completed documents created from this form.

document visibility