CareerPlug defaults prevent you from assigning the same Onboarding checklist to an employee after they have already completed it. However, if have made a re-hire, you can work around this. The first thing you need to do is to clone the checklist that you will be using for your rehires. 

To find your checklists in the Onboarding system, click Account > Settings then scroll until you find the Checklists section. Find the checklist you want to assign to rehires and click Clone

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This will create a copy of the checklist, which you will need to rename.

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Now that you have a cloned checklist, the next steps will depend on whether you have a small or a large number of rehires. 

If you are working with a small number of rehires: 

  1. Upload the rehires to your Onboarding system. More info: How do I add an employee to Onboarding?
  2. In the Onboarding system, locate the Rehire checklist you created by navigating to Account > Settings and scrolling to the checklists section. Click Assign
  3. Set which users you want to assign the checklist by clicking the plus (+) sign next to their names. Click the Assign button at the bottom. 

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If you are working with a large number of rehires:  

  1. Create an internal (passive) job posting in the ATS system. You will send the link to this passive listing to your rehires to "reapply."
  2. Most of the fields you normally use when creating a job posting, such as prescreen questions or job description, won't be necessary. Scroll to the bottom where you will associate a checklist with the hires of that position under Employee Onboarding Checklists.
  3. Select the cloned rehire checklist that you created. Save the job posting and send the link to your rehires. Once they have applied, rehire each person in the ATS, and they will be instructed to complete the checklist you selected on the job.
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You can also customize the hiring workflow to include as few steps as possible so that once the re-hired employees "reapply," you can immediately advance them through the Hire step of the workflow. This re-adds them to the system and automatically assigns them a checklist. More info: How can I edit or add steps to my hiring workflow?