Here is a list of all of the possible E-Verify statuses that an employee can be in:
  • Employment Authorized – No further action required (will eventually change to “Verified”)
  • DHS/SSA Resubmission – Confirm that you've entered the employee's information correctly and resubmit the form
  • Pending: Photo matching required – Look at a photo of the employee in CareerPlug and verify that's the person that you are hiring
  • Tentative NonConfirmation – Employer should provide the employee with a formal notice that they have to visit a DHS/SSA office for additional verification (this notice can be downloaded from CareerPlug). The employee chooses whether or not to contest.
  • Pending: Duplicate Case – Employee has already been submitted in past 30 days with the same company. Usually, the case should be closed.
  • DHS Verification in Process – No further action required
  • Final Nonconfirmation – Not authorized to work in the US.
You can view an employee's E-Verify status on the Onboarding page of your Onboarding system. More information on how to handle these cases is below.

In the vast majority of cases, after you submit the client's information to E-Verify, the employee will be marked as 'Employment Verified' within a few seconds.

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However, if there is a problem verifying the employee's information when you submit the E-Verify form, you will immediately be presented with a follow-up step to complete.

These steps can include:

  • DHS/SSA Resubmission
  • Photo Match Required
  • DHS/SSA Tentative Non-Confirmation

DHS/SSA Resubmission

In some cases, DHS or SSA records may indicate that a typo was made in transcribing document information. If this happens, you'll be prompted to resubmit the E-Verify form again after verifying the employee information.

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After this happens, the employee will enter into a status of Employment Authorized (the case will be closed and no further action is needed), Photo Match Required, or Tentative Non-Confirmation.

Photo Match Required

This status requires you to look at the photo provided by the government and confirm that the photo CareerPlug displays is the person that you're hiring. This step will only trigger for documents that include a photo. Choose 'Yes, this photo matches' or 'No, this photo does not match.'

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After you have chosen your response, the employee will enter into a status of Employment Authorized (the case will be closed and no further action is needed) or Tentative Non-Confirmation.

Tentative Non-Confirmation

If the photo of the employee doesn't match, or if the employee's information has been flagged by the DHS/SSA, they will enter a status of Tentative Non-Confirmation (TNC). 

First, you should notify the employee of their TNC status. CareerPlug provides you with a standard government form. It must be printed, signed, and provided to the employee. Then, mark in CareerPlug that you've notified the employee.

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After the employee has been notified of their Tentative Non-Confirmation, they can choose whether or not to contest. If the employee has chosen not to contest, close the case (note that the reasons for closing a case are determined by the government, not CareerPlug).

If the employee chooses to contest, choose 'Confirm the employee has elected to contest the TNC' and Submit.

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Now you'll land on a page where you can download the Referral Date Confirmation (RDC) document and provide it to the employee. This document outlines the employee's rights and responsibilities. The case will remain open while the employee contests their case. It will automatically close if they are authorized at any point.

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Duplicate Case

In some cases, an employer may accidentally submit an employee to E-Verify more than once, creating a duplicate case. The following screen will appear as soon as you submit a duplicate case. In most cases, you should close a duplicate case (note that the reasons for closing a case are determined by the government, not CareerPlug) unless you have a reason for continuing with it. 

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Email Notifications

Employers have the option to enable an email notification each time an employee's E-Verify status changes. Email notification options can be configured by editing the 'Submit to E-Verify' form (Account > Settings, scroll down to Forms and click the 'Edit' link to the left of 'Submit to E-Verify'). 

When notifications are enabled, the person who is responsible for the Submit to E-Verify task will receive an email each time an employee's status changes. You may also add the ability to copy additional people on the notifications. The content of notifications cannot be changed.

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