CareerPlug makes it easy to compose and send digital offer letters. Before you can send an offer, however, you need to create an offer letter template button by clicking Account > Manage Hiring Process and then clicking the 'Offer Letter Templates' link on the left-hand side of the page. More info: How do I create an offer letter template?

If you've already created an offer letter template, follow these steps to send an applicant an offer:

1. Navigate to the applicant to whom you wish to extend an offer on the Applicants tab.

2. Click the Send Offer link under the Offer hiring step.

Send offer link

3.  When you click Send Offer, a pop-up will open that allows you to choose the offer letter template that you wish to use. If the template has custom variable fields, you may select the responses here.

Choosing template and options

4. After you click Next, you can view the offer, customize the wording, and verify the expiration date:

Offer letter expiration date verification

5.  When you click Send, a pre-written message template will generate that includes a link to this digital offer so the applicant can view it. Click Send to send the email.

Message template for sending the offer

6.  The applicant will receive the message, with a link they can click to view the offer. More info: What does an offer letter look like to an applicant?

7.  You will be able to view the status of the offer letter under the applicant's Offer hiring step. If the applicant has been sent an offer, the status will say "Unread. If they have only viewed the offer, the status will say "Viewed." If they have accepted or rejected the offer, that status will be reflected as well. You will get an email when an offer is rejected or accepted. Learn more about offer letter notification settings here: How do I adjust offer letter notification settings?

The applicant below has viewed the offer letter but not acted upon it. Hover over the status to see the time when the offer was last acted upon (viewed, accepted, or rejected). 

Offer letter viewed

Feel free to update or rescind the offer letter at any time.