If you are the document signer for at least one employee's checklist, at some point you'll need to sign or approve the forms that they are assigned. Your signature or approval is required only after an employee completes the fields they are required to complete on a form.

When an employee has completed their side of a form, and you're required to sign or approve it, you'll get an email from CareerPlug with a link to access the form. Click the link to view the form and take an action on it.

Completed Form Email

You can also quickly view all of the forms you need to sign or approve on your Tasks page. Note: If you have forms of your own you need to complete — like filling out your own personal W-4 for your manager — view the Management Tasks tab to view the tasks you need to complete for those you supervise.
You will see a list of employees in Onboarding with tasks/forms that need your attention. These will either need your approval or will need you to input information. Click the name of the task/form to view the details.

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From the task detail page, click the Approve or Complete button to approve a task/form.

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If there are fields on an employee form that you need to complete, fill out the required fields and click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
Once you have completed or approved a form/task, it will be marked as complete (crossed out, marked with a green circle, and moved to the bottom of the checklist).

Checked off tasks


Who gets notified when a task is completed?

If someone on the account should be notified when a task is completed, those settings can be changed in the Notification Settings section of the Settings page (Account > Settings in Onboarding). Click the 'Manage Notifications' link next to 'Task Completion'.

Customize notifications on settings page