Employees with full and limited access to CareerPlug need to be selected on the locations they should have access to in order to have access to jobs posted in those locations and/or the applicants who apply to those jobs.

Follow these steps to give your employees access to locations: 

1.  Navigate to Account > Manage Areas. Click the 'Locations' link on the left-hand side of your screen.

2.  Click “Edit” next to a location the employee should have access to. 
User-added image

3.  Under the Participating Users section, click the field to open a pop-up that lists the employees whom you can add to this location. If the employee does not appear, ensure they have the correct level of access. For example, admin-level users do not need access to locations; they have access to all locations by default. Click here for more information: What do the levels of user access mean?)
User-added image

4. Click Update Location at the bottom of the page.