First, create the form

To add a form to a hiring step, you will first need to create the form. Navigate to Account > Manage Hiring Process > Forms and click the Create New Form button.

Create new form

Choose the type of form you want to create. Many of our clients utilize the PDF Form Builder.

Choose form type

Next, you are asked to name and upload the form. When building a PDF form, you can overlay text fields over the PDF that you are asking the applicant to fill out. Please make sure you title each form field correctly and note whether an applicant needs to fill out (mark it as 'Required').

For more guidance on PDF forms, click here: How do I add fields to PDF Forms?

Next, choose the hiring step for the form

Before you click Update Required Form at the bottom of the form, you are asked to select the Hiring Step to which this form is related. In addition, you will select notification options and whether this form should be added to the application process for all existing and/or new jobs.

Form options

Finally, add the form to jobs and job templates

To finalize the addition of the form to the hiring workflow of all of your jobs, you will have to select that this form should be part of every active job posting and job templates (see above).

On an active job posting and on every job template, a new 'Add Required Forms to the Application Process' section will appear between the pre-screen questions and assessments. Check the box next to the form you would like added to the hiring workflow process of that job and save the job.

If you add your new form to job templates, it will already be selected prior to posting a job from that template. When you update a job template, you will be asked to make those same changes to every currently active job posting created from that job template.

Here is an example of the new 'Add Required Forms to the Application Process' section. This section will appear on both active job postings and job templates.

select forms on the job

Now you're ready to invite an applicant to complete the form. More information: How do I invite applicants to complete a form?