One of the benefits of CareerPlug's Onboarding system is that you can set up a job so that applicants hired from that job are automatically assigned one of your onboarding checklists (More info: How do I create a new onboarding checklist?).
As soon as you Hire an employee on the ATS, you'll be prompted to fill in some information in a pop-up window. After you hit submit, your new hire will be sent an email instructing them to log into CareerPlug for the first time and complete their necessary onboarding documents 

Move employee to HR/Onboarding


First, Activate Onboarding

Before you can set up a job this way, however, you'll need to activate the onboarding process and have created at least one checklist (More info: How do I create a new onboarding checklist?
When you have onboarding activated, your default checklist will be added to your active jobs and new hires will be assigned it automatically.

Default checklist settings

By default, the Primary Onboarding Checklist (which comes already created with your account and contains the federal I-9, W-4, and any state-specific tax forms) is set to be the default on new jobs after you activate the onboarding process.
This means that when you create a new job, the Primary Onboarding Checklist will be automatically checked as the one that should be assigned to new hires for that job. You can always change this setting on an individual job, but if you wish to change the default to be another checklist, go to the Settings page of Onboarding (Account > Settings), and change the Default Checklist for New Jobs to a checklist of your choosing.

Onboarding Defaults


Editing which checklist new hires are assigned

Go to your Jobs tab on the ATS/Recruiting side of the system. Find the job or jobs for which you want to assign new hires a checklist. Click the name of the job to edit it and scroll down to the bottom, where you'll see a Checklists section. Select any checklists you want to automatically be assigned to new hires for that job.
Make sure to select the correct signer/approver for forms on that checklist to the right of the checklist name.

Employee Onboarding Checklists


Not seeing the checklist you want here?

That means you didn't set the checklist to be part of the onboarding process. Go to the Settings page in Onboarding (Account > Settings), and edit the checklist you want to see on the job you're editing. Check the box next to "Part of the onboarding process" (under the default signer box) and update the checklist. The checklist will now be available to select on your job.

Select checklist as part of the onboarding process