CareerPlug comes with a few default interview scorecards, which contain sample interview questions.

You might think of "interview scorecards" like "interview guides" because they provide a guide for structuring an interview, including questions that you want to ask an applicant. Interview scorecards can help ensure that all of your hiring managers are asking all applicants the same questions so that applicants are evaluated fairly, no matter who interviews them.

The reason these interview guides are called “scorecards” is that you can create questions on the scorecard that can be answered with a ranked response. For example, You can rank the applicant’s response to an interview question you asked on a scale of 1-4. After you save the scorecard at the end of the interview, all of the questions will be scored together and the applicant will receive a final score on their entire interview.

CareerPlug comes with a few pre-made scorecards. You can view the ones that come with your account by going to Account > Manage Hiring Process and clicking the 'Interview Scorecards' link on the left side of the page. Then, click the ‘Edit’ link next to one of the existing scorecards. This will create a copy of the existing scorecard for you to view and edit as you like. Learn more about customizing interview scorecards: How do I customize interview scorecards?

If you already have set interview questions you ask applicants, we recommend creating a new scorecard and using this scorecard when conducting each applicant's interview.

You can also send an interview scorecard to a hiring manager (even one who doesn’t have access to CareerPlug) if they will be the one interviewing an applicant. This helps ensure consistency in your interview process.

To use a scorecard, click the 'Scorecard' link for the hiring step of the applicant you are interviewing. 

Learn more: How do I use interview scorecards?

Using a scorecard