To delete a checklist step, first decide if you want to remove a checklist step from just one employee's checklist, or for all current and future employees who are assigned this checklist.

To remove a checklist step from just one employee’s checklist:

If you have Admin access on the Onboarding side of CareerPlug, you have the ability to remove a specific task from an employee's checklist if that employee shouldn't complete it. To do so, find the employee on the Onboarding > Currently Onboarding page and click the Employee’s name to view their tasks.

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Click on any task that an employee doesn’t need to complete.

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 then click Skip on the Task Details page.

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That task will then be removed from the employee's tasks tab.

To remove a checklist step for all employees:

On the Onboarding side of CareerPlug, navigate to your Settings page (Account > Settings). In the Checklist section, click the Edit link next to the Checklist whose task you wish to remove.

Click the red X next to any checklist step you wish to delete.

Delete checklist step

Click Update Checklist when you are finished.
When you delete a checklist step, that step will be removed from any future checklist assignments, as well as any current checklist assignments.