Ensure you have access to the Agent Aspirant program in CareerPlug

In order to post an Agent Aspirant listing, you first need to make sure you have access to the Agent Aspirant program. If you do have access to the Agent Aspirant program, you will see a link to visit your Aspirants page at the top of your screen:

Aspirants tab

If you don't have this link, learn how to get access to the Agent Aspirant program here: How do I get access to the Agent Aspirant program?

Posting an Agent Aspirant job listing

Once you have the Aspirants link in your navigation, visit your Jobs page and click the Post a Job button. In the resulting pop-up, choose 'Use State Farm Agent Aspirant Job Post Builder' (to build your own job posting) or select the 'Agent Aspirant Template' under 'Start with a Prebuilt Template'.

Agent Aspirant post a job pop-up

Note: If you do not have the Agent Aspirant job posting options, ensure you have an 'Aspirants' link at the top of your screen. If you do, skip to the bottom of this support page.

After you choose the job title, you will be prompted to edit the job posting. When you click Save Job, this job will be sent to the major job boards and TeamMemberJobs.com (like your other jobs). In addition, unlike your other jobs, this job will be posted to AgentAspirant.com.

Your Agent Aspirant job will be visible on your Jobs page with the text 'Aspirant':

Aspirant job posting

You may only post one Agent Aspirant listing at a time

You may only have one active (or inactive) Agent Aspirant listing on your account at a time. If you find that you have the Aspirants link at the top of your screen but do not have the options to use the Aspirant Job Builder or Prebuilt Template, it is possible that you have an active or inactive Agent Aspirant post currently on your account. If you have an active Agent Aspirant post and would like to create a new one, click the 'Make Inactive' link near the job name on the Jobs page. Then, click your 'Inactive' Jobs filter. Click the 'Remove' link below the job. You must fully Remove an Agent Aspirant listing from your account in order to post a new one.

Remove aspirant job