What is a job template? 

Job templates allow you to easily create a job posting to attract the candidate you want for a certain position. When you create a new job posting in CareerPlug, you will be asked to choose a template. You can choose the blank job builder to fully customize your posting, or you can choose one of the four prebuilt job templates which we have created and preselected the best options that fit different types of roles. The templates include Pivot Role Template, Service Role Template, Producer/Sales Role Template, and Licensed & Experienced Agent Template.

*Note: The title of the job template will not be visible to the applicant and is used only internally as a reference point. The job title you select after selecting the template will be what an applicant sees when viewing your position.

Job Templates

What are the prebuilt templates?

  • Producer/Sales Role Template - for those who may want to be an agent or work in sales, but who are not currently licensed
  • Licensed & Experienced Agent Template - for seeking applicants currently licensed and experienced as insurance agents
  • Service Role Template - for various administrative or customer service type roles
  • Pivot Role Template - for a role that is service oriented but may transition into a sales role if needed

What are the job titles? 

The job title is what an applicant will see as the position title when they apply for your job. A job title is selected after you choose either to use the blank job builder or a template from which to build your posting. There are a number of options to choose from, so be sure to pick the one which best fits the role.

Choose Job Title