Posting a job is the first step to begin attracting applicants. Your new job will automatically be posted to your Careers Page. Within 24-36 hours, your jobs will be posted to and our other job board partners unless you chose to post your job at a later date. You can immediately post your job to additional sources, such as Craigslist or Facebook. To learn more about posting your job to other job boards, see: How do I post my job to outside sources (such as Craigslist, Facebook or local colleges)?

To post a new job, follow these steps:

1.  Go to your Jobs tab. Select the Post a Job button on the right side of the screen. There is also a Post a Job button on your Dashboard.
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2.  You may either choose one of the prebuilt templates we have customized for specific roles or start a more general State Farm template. You may click the Preview link to see how these prebuilt templates look when posted on a careers page. Ensure your location is filled in correctly and click Next. More info on State Farm job templates and titles: What are the State Farm job templates and job titles?

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3.  The drop-down menu on the next prompt has prebuilt job titles for different types of State Farm roles. Select the job title you want for the position and click Create Job.

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4.  Select the job status (most likely you will want the job to be 'Active' to be sent to the job boards), and decide if you would like to post the job at a later date. We recommend posting on Mondays through Wednesdays. More info: What are the different job statuses?How do I set a job to automatically post in the future?

5.  Select the Hiring Manager, then edit which full access and limited access users can view this job's applicants. More info on user access: What do the levels of user access mean?

6.  Customize your notification settings. More info: How do I manage my notification settings?

7.  Double check your Job title and include any desired job title add-ons, such as "Sales Experience Preferred" or "Life Insurance Position." 

8.  If you are using the job post builder, select one of our prewritten position overviews. These will serve as a dynamic and inviting job description for your applicants. *Note: If you are using one of our prebuilt templates, the position overview, responsibilities, skills, and prescreen question options will be pre-selected.

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9.  Select any job responsibilities and benefits that apply. 

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10.  Choose 8-10 requirements (skills).

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11.  Add a compensation range. This is recommended as applicants are more drawn to job postings with compensation information.

12.  Check a box with the minimum required experience (in number of years) that you would like. 

13.  Select any of the prewritten prescreen questions you would like to ask your applicants. These are questions applicants must answer when applying to your job. You can use the applicant's answers and the assigned prescreen score to determine their fit for the position.  Once you've added prescreen questions, you may select which responses will qualify a candidate as Normal, Disqualified, Fast Track or Auto Fast Track. More info: What are State Farm prescreen questions and how do I use them?

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*Note: We recommend selecting 5 or fewer prescreen questions. Any more than 5 questions can overwhelm applicants and deter them from applying.

14.  Choose which employees, if any, you would like to benchmark the applicant's score with. More info on having your current employees take assessments so that they can be set as benchmarks: How do I send assessments to myself or my employees?

15.  Add keywords if you have this feature enabled. More info: What are Keywords? and How do I use Keywords?

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16.  Click the Save Job button, and your job will be published on your Careers Page immediately. Your job will be posted to and our other job board partners within 24-36 hours.