Candidates who contact you from outside of CareerPlug can visit your Careers Page to apply.

You can find the link to your Careers Page by clicking on the My Careers Page tab on the top right corner of your Dashboard screen.

my careers page button

my careers page link

The link will typically be [YourName] Your Careers Page will list all of the open positions in your office with links to apply to those positions. Interested applicants can apply using the links on this page, and those applicants will immediately be available for review on your Applicants tab once they have applied.

Your Careers Page is also an excellent passive recruiting tool — many agents include a link to their Careers Page in their email signatures and on their business cards as a way to make their recruiting efforts a part of their daily routine. Learn more about customizing your Careers Page: How do I customize my State Farm Careers Page?

Many agents have also included a link to their Careers Page on their State Farm Microsite. This can be done using the Microsite Customization Tool on ABS.

To add link to your CareerPlug Careers Page from your State Farm microsite, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Microsite Customization Tool (MCT) through ABS > Marketing > Agent Advertising > Microsite Customization Tool.
  2. Click on the red edit button next to the '"About Me" section of your microsite (far right side of the screen).
  3. In the edit view, find the section labeled "Employment Info" and add a link to your CareerPlug Careers Page (If you need the link, click on your My Careers Page tab on your Dashboard and click the button to Copy the link).
  4. Click Save.
  5. The "We're Hiring” tab will appear on your microsite in approximately 24-48 hours.