Although many agents wish to post jobs that recruit licensed candidates only, CareerPlug does not recommend this. One reason is that the unemployment rate in the insurance industry is currently under 2.5%, so the likelihood of finding multiple licensed candidates is low. We want you to have a large talent pool, so we recommend making your job requirements open.

CareerPlug doesn't provide a job template for only licensed candidates. However, when you utilize CareerPlug's prescreen questions, you can easily view which applicants who apply are licensed and move those applicants through the hiring process as quickly as possible.

Utilize prescreen questions

When you use the State Farm Job Builder, you have the option to add prescreen questions to your job. Scroll to the Prescreen Questions area. Consider selecting the checkbox next to the Prescreen Question "Are you currently licensed?" This question will be added to your job, and applicants will be required to answer it. Those who are licensed will be marked as 'Auto Fast Track' which means you can get an email about them directly after they apply, and you can even specify that they should be automatically sent your assessments after applying. Learn more about Fast Track: What is CareerPlug's Fast Track program?How can I automatically send applicants assessments?

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